Men Nuven Blue Blend

Our shoes are true to size and we offer half sizes for the perfect fit. Still unsure? See our size chart.
Our shoes are super lightweight and they were designed to provide superior comfort. Ethically made in Brazil under fair conditions for workers. Using recycled and natural materials.

SmoothFoam ™ Midsole.

Ultra lightweight and super comfortable.

Vegan and Sustainable: Suede made of recycled PET.

Weatherproof: Water repellent materials.

Ortholite ® insoles for superior comfort.


Remove insoles and shoelaces and hand wash it with cold or warm water and mild soap. You can use a brush or a used toothbrush to help you clean critical dirty. Let it dry in the shade in a ventilated place.

Don't use a dryer or super hot water to clean it.

We do not recommend washing machine.


We ship same day or next day of purchase. Free shipping Worldwide on purchase above 100€.

We do not offer returns but we do offer the exchange back to you.

Cool Comfy Shoes

Easy on you and the planet


The SmoothFoam™️ Midsole: Perfect blend of softness and energy rebound, so you can spend a full day walking and feel comfortable and happy in the end.
This combination makes Nuven Super Lightweight, even compared to running shoes.It only weights 186grs (woman version) so you almost forget you're wearing shoes.

Perfect Fit

Not all shoes fit as we all have different feet. So we developed a material that is resistant and stretchable so it molds to your feet with use. Our Toe Cap material adds resistance, durability and a cool look, but it's also responsible for the perfect fit. It's a stretchable material made from Amazon Rainforest rubber.

Vegan & Sustainable

The upper materials are 100% vegan. The lining is 100% bamboo for a silky touch, it also helps with odor control and it's anti-bacterias.
We choose a super smooth suede made of recycled plastic for the outside layer.
Our Insole is made ofcastor oiland it's fromOrtholite™️. Global leading comfort insole brand.


Designed to make your life easier, we added a water repellent coat so you don't need to worry about rainy days.

Customer Reviews

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Jared Barthel
If youre into bad quality...

After waiting for 2 weeks and having to pick the package up at the post office because unlike every other store, this one doesn't tell you when your package will arrive (so obviously i wasnt there) i noticed, after getting them freshly out of the carton, that there was already a loose thread hanging out of the upper part of the sole. I stayed optimistic, cut it off so it wouldn't do more damage and used the sneakers for two weeks. Today I saw that two different seams are starting to get loose, one on the side (where the shoe knicks when i stand on my toes) and one on the front. I've had various shoes for about 20.- that lasted for several years, so why is it that those expensive ones are in a worse quality after only half a month?
This product is something for rich people who like to say that they did something for the environment by buying these, to make their concience better. But if they fall apart after approximately a month, isn't it better for the environment to buy cheap shoes that last longer?