Cool comfy shoes
Easy on You and the Planet.

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Nuven is a new category of casual shoes where style meets comfort and sustainability for good.

Innovation through comfort and sustainability

Collectively we have improved our technology for supreme comfort using the best recycled materials available.


Designed with super light materials weighting only 186gr so you almost forget you're wearing shoes.

Improved Fit

Not all shoes fit as we all have different feet. So we developed a material that is resistant and stretchable so it moulds to your feet with use.


We care about our community and our planet. We believe is our responsibility to make products as sustainable as possible.


Designed to make your life simple. The uppers are water repellent and the outsoles are made with sticky recycled rubber for best grip.

A closer look at Nuven

How we made the most comfortable casual shoe on the market.

Style and comfort united for good

Use it without fear. Nuven is durable, lightweight, super comfortable and made to support your daily adventures.

Available in 4 colors to match your style

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