Our Anthem

Conscious products that make your life lighter and easier. Thinking about the details, without leaving unnecessary waste.We work with reused, recycled, organic and natural products, always respecting a quality standard.


We are a 100% animal friendly brand, we always prioritise reused, recycled and natural fibres and do not use any animal leather or wool. Our shoes are made with a super smooth suede made of recycled plastic.


As a company we want to change the way people look at “trash” and prove that recycled and upcycled materials are as worthy as new ones. Doing more with less: reuse, recycle, renew.Our rubber outsoles are made with discarded party balloons and tires leftover, adding slip resistance and great flexibility.

Natural Materials

Our Toe Cap material it's a stretchable material made from Amazon Rainforest rubber adding resistance and durability.Latex comes from "Hevea brasiliensis" - the natural rubber tree. It does not cause any harm to the forest itself or to the tree as long as we respect the limits it has to offer. The production of wild rubber, is supported by WWF, as one of the rainforest products that help underpin forest conservation.