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We are a Start-Up born in 2018 in the enthusiastic city of Rio de Janeiro, and now based in Lisbon. Since then we are on a mission to bring comfort, style and hope by providing lightweight cool shoes to help reduce stress in people's daily lives.


Our Factory

We proudly produce our shoes in Brazil.
Our Partner is a family-owned factory incredibly strong on social responsibilities. They invest in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, using only high-quality materials, supplied mostly within the Brazilian domestic market itself.


Our Materials

Upcycling as much as we can.
As a company we want to change the way people look at “trash” and prove that recycled and upcycled materials are as worthy as new ones.
We prioritize reused, recycled, organic and natural products, always respecting a quality standard.

Genuine, simple, cool and functional, this is our rhythm.



It is our belief that no one is always 100% right or has all the correct answers.
We like to innovate by telling the truth. We are constantly looking for new ways to produce and choosing new materials is just the beginning of our journey.
Any suggestion? Let´s tell new stories together!


Little Happiness

Our products are built to last, made for real people who enjoy a light, relaxed, high-spirited life.
Genuine, simple, cool and functional, this is our rhythm.
We don't want to deliver something average, we really want to convey something that generates "WOW" impact.

Conscious Galaxy Unipessoal Ltda.